Brief note on the European elections

Fantastic to see the Lib Dem vote collapse. Depressing to see it attributed to their being pro-Europe, rather than their having been unrepentant Tory enablers for the past four years.

Similarly, given the tendency for UK voters to use European elections to make a point about domestic politics, the rise in support for UKIP needs to be interpreted with reference to the level of dissatisfaction with internal British politics – to the destructive effects of neoliberalism and austerity and the failure of mainstream parties to acknowledge, much less engage with them – and not merely to the party ‘s use of the EU as scapegoat.

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One comment

  1. T.M Locklear

    I’m sorry but looking at the gains made by right-wing parties in these elections, which are not wholly superficial, ‘fantastic’ is not a word I’d use about any of this.
    It’s all very well talking about protest votes but with commentators already referring to a four-party system the whole thing strikes me as the voting equivalent of somebody sleeping with their troublesome neighbour just because their spouse forgot their birthday for the third year in a row – Punishing the ineffectual by rewarding the wicked.

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