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Rhian E Jones (3)

Rhian E. Jones writes fiction and non-fiction about history, politics, popular culture and the places where they intersect. Welsh in London.

Feedback on anything I’ve written is more than welcome. If you’re interested in working collaboratively, you’d like me to write on or review something, or you want to get in touch for any other reason, please leave a comment somewhere on here or email me.


Twitter: @RhianEJones



All music made available on Velvet Coalmine is for reference purposes only. If you like anything you hear, please support the artists concerned by buying their records and going to their gigs. Cheers x

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All work on this blog is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.


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  3. nick stevenson

    So enjoyed your talk yesterday and your blog site is great. I was in the audience and asked a question about education. I went on too much so sorry about that. Keep doing what you are doing as its great.

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