A request to Manics fans out there

This year I’ll be writing a book on Manics album The Holy Bible, along with Larissa Wodtke and Daniel Lukes. My section will focus on the album’s social and political context ie Britain in the 90s, the album’s appeal to teenagers, and reasons why the band had such a huge female fanbase.

As part of researching this book, I’d find it helpful to speak to other fans of the band about the album – both those who, like myself, grew up with the Manics in the 90s, and those who discovered them later. (If you’re interested in what I’ve written previously on the band, most of it is here.)

If you’d be willing to tell me a bit about your experience as a Manics fan, please reply to this post with a contact email or, if you prefer, contact me yourself on theholybibletriptych@gmail.com. Thank you!


  1. Bianca Ferrari

    Grew up with the manics especially as they were local and stayed with them ever since. Very relatable to me especially holy bible and everything must go. All their earlier albums and richey going missing coincided with big things happening in my life. I was a bit scared of them or their image at least but still proud they were welsh. I remember listening to motorcycle emptiness on the radio when I was off school with glandular fever and thinking “oh my god this is gonna explode”, very relatable to me as a kid cos I was getting bullied at school, had lived under a Tory government my entire life and was v disillusioned with the stuff going on and bored and they kind of worded what I was feeling. Holy bible came out in my gcse and just remember feeling v angry at all the shit the world had to put up in the past but again was a bit scared of the cover and the songs. The other albums coincided with uni, going on my yr abroad where them stereophonics catatonia and sfa saved me from topping myself cos I was so depressed and the cool Cymru thing had just exploded, but love manics from a woman’s pov cos they’re honest, not afraid to tell the truth or put blokes down and nickys fascination with looking like one yet still retaining his masculinity and them all with the eyeliner and clothes looking sexy as fuck. Remember being really fucked off a design for life not getting to number 1 cos of return of the mack too when it first came out

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